Workshops 2012/2013

 "Cave painting"
The cave painting" workshop offers children the chance to produce a cave painting based on a prehistoric bestiary.
  Mandatory teacher training
From Year 2 to Year 7.
Duration 1.5 hours, including tour


In this workshop, children will discover the technique of mosaic, choosing a detail from one of the mosaics in the permanent collections.
From Year 2 to Year 7
Duration 2 hours, including tour

"Down to earth"
Cross-disciplinary tour of the permanent collections from prehistory to the 18th century in search of objects produced by the potters and sculptors of the period.
From the Neolithic period to today, these artisans have developed different techniques that children will discover during their visit: methods such as grogging, terra sigillata and glazing.
In the workshop, the children will shape a block of clay in order to produce an item of tableware in terracotta, then will add decoration copying styles they have observed during their visit.
From Year 4.
Duration 2 hours including tour

"Masks from far countries"
Introduction to the African collections and production in a workshop of a relief mask.
From Year 1.
Duration 1.5 hours including tour